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where is the studio?

studio: noun 1. a room where an artist, photographer, sculptor, etc. works.


this is a flowing space, so the studio is wherever we meet for class or events. yoga is a practice and ongoing study, ametarea studio makes space for it all. 


what should i bring?

- yoga mat

- comfortable, fitted clothing

- water

- openness to experience

- physical or health-related concerns

anything else needed will be provided, or noted in the description for the event or session.


how do we collaborate?

reach out to steph andrea at, I am always interested in combining interests to create and curate a space together.


i'd rather pay in person - is that an option?

sure! if you'd like to attend a group session or event, you can always come to our site for the day with your payment. cash is accepted and cards can be processed via Square or CashApp instead of using this website for online booking and payment.


what style of yoga will we practice?

steph andrea has trained in vinyasa yoga, where asanas are opportunities to flow in coordination with the breath. each session is constructed creatively for the experience of students in the body and mind.

practice will include elements of the eight limbs of yoga, such as pranayama and meditation. principles of nature are often a source of inspiration.


where else do you teach?

steph andrea teaches four classes per week. three are private classes and one is open to the public every Tuesday evening at Lightwork Resources.


would you come to my event or workplace?

yes! please email me at with your ideas and inquiries. we'll find an offering that fits your needs.


how much experience do i need?

none in particular. yogis of all levels are welcome to join any and all sessions. whether you are beginning or continuing your practice, your mat is a place to explore and learn. i am here to guide you so just tell me about yourself and your practice when you come.

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