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lessons, resources, and guides take many forms.

here, you will see some of the supports that have brought me peace of mind, sense of purpose, clarity of focus, and ongoing inspiration, along with how so, in case they could also fit your yoga practice and life's journeys.

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This book is like a warm hug or a solid conversation with someone who cares. I received it as a gift, and I believe its messages will continue to give the peace and encouragement intended for me, and you too!


I absolutely love the way this book explores, illustrates, and explains concepts. It serves as a reminder that physics + alignment, metaphysical principles, and philosophy all inform the practices of yoga.

This one is honest and heart-opening, great for new yogis and yoga instructors. The author is thoughtful and thorough, combining personal experience with true expertise in accessible yoga with integrity.


Learning is lifelong and nonlinear. The author takes this to an organic, practical place, sharing her lived experience unschooling self and loved ones. I recommend it for parents, educators, and all healers.

When you need to rest or revive your mind, heart, and soul, you can just get comfy, open it up, and turn to any page. I definitely resonate with this author's messages and online presence, so it was a no-brainer to get this in support.


A classic, multi-faceted resource! Full of useful information about nature's cycles, remedies, lessons, and provisions. You'll be grateful you have it whether you use it daily, for leisure, or as a tool and guide.



Nurturing, Tonifying, Strengthening.

Excellent for replenishing the nervous system and in balancing heat with calm. I find it blends well in teas with more flavorful herbs, year-round!


Energizing. Grounding. Focusing.

It stimulates and soothes with substantial benefits and versatile preparations. I recommend these if you enjoy matcha year-round.



I decided to invest in this yoga mat when I decided to go thru yoga teacher training. I wanted a solid foundation and after over three years with it, I'm sure it can offer the same to others. It is durable, spacious, and supportive, and I look forward to using it for years to come. Feel free to contact me with any further questions!


This one is kind of niche, and aspirational for me - I don't own one yet. However, I love how versatile this prop truly is and I look forward to investing in it! Its primary function is reinforcement for inversions, especially headstand, but creativity allows multiple uses for the grips, padding, and bench structure. Great for beginner support, advanced asana, and accessible movement.


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